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Why Meyvn.

Just say no to training that doesn't improve your business.

Meyvn is taking back training.

  • What if training wasn’t a time-kill?
  • A line-item on your budget?
  • A necessary evil?

Call us crazy, but what if training — be it heavy equipment operator training or leadership training — produced real results, real productivity gains, real revenue, and real retention of the things that matter most?

What would that mean for your business?

4 Reasons Why World-Class Companies Choose Meyvn

1. We remind superheroes who they are.

Sometimes superheroes sit behind desks wearing slacks and ties, and sometimes they work on expansive outdoor sites wearing yellow vests while operating heavy equipment. Your people are powerful; more powerful than they let on, and maybe more powerful than they know.

Meyvn unlocks your team’s potential and enables your people to function better, lead better, work better, and be better.

2. We’ve sat slept through the same training sessions as you.

We are traditional training’s worst nightmare. By tapping into well-documented but under-utilized training methods, our leadership and leadership training courses are unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Meyvn’s hands-on leadership and development courses are proven to engage, inspire, and grow your business.

3. We operate the shovel.

We hear it often — “you aren’t like other trainers we’ve brought in.” Instead of instructing via simulator or from the ground, our expert heavy equipment operators actually get in the cab and teach by doing.

In addition to being teachers proven to increase your team’s productivity, our first-rate operators are often called in to commission and benchmark new equipment.

4. We aren’t looking for a one-night stand.

Would you believe nearly all of our world-class clients have brought us back again and again? Our results speak for themselves but we take the most pride in our relationships.

We would love to get to know you better. You may find us the perfect suitor.

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