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Over the last two weeks my lead men have been a lot more willing to make decisions about everyday operation. This has allowed me more time to complete my tasks. I have found out that I do a LOT LESS micromanaging since training.
Leadership Training Participant
Since training I have continued to build relationships with my people. They seem very happy with my performance and seem to be working hard for me. My people are responding to me better than ever, I give them clear direction and in return they give me clear results!
Leadership Training Participant
After training I have seen the morale of my crew come up. They see I am actively working to make their jobs easier and more comfortable. Also establishing a good working base with other departments.
Leadership Training Participant

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Well balanced class. I enjoyed my 2 days with you. I could take this class again and take something new with me.
Supervisor Training Participant
The interactive and team scenarios were engaging and helped convey the material effectively. The ‘operation’ game was particularly good in reminding people to do a risk assessment and ask questions before doing a job.
Incident Investigation Training Participant
I enjoyed this very much!! I’ve been to many different types of these from different companies, [this was] one of the best!!”
Safety Training Participant

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