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About Us.

You may be quizzed over this material.

About Meyvn

Meyvn Global (pronounced MAY-ven) is an international training and development firm that is Unlocking Human Potential.

Think you know our type? Think again.

We are unlike any training consultants you’ve ever worked with. In Leadership Training and Personnel Development we’ve cultivated a reputation for being fun and engaging. But just between us, the fun factor is only the means to the end; our experiences are known to raise retention rates to 75%. That’s up to 65% more knowledge retention than the alternatives. You know- the ones with the nasty habit of causing drowsiness and boredom.

And don’t even get us started on Heavy Equipment Operator Training. With our clients showing productivity gains of tens of millions of dollars, you can see why our phone keeps ringing. Our heavy equipment specialists can be found on production sites across the globe this very minute, strengthening our world-class customers with operational growth and safety.

Maybe it’s our extensive industry knowledge but we also find ourselves consulting myriad issues in the heavy equipment field. Frankly, we like solving problems and facilitating growth within our customer’s businesses. Maybe we can contribute to yours?

Above all, everything we do is about Unlocking Human Potential. We believe your people are powerful and want to be better equipped to do their jobs effectively. Let’s dig out your people’s potential and see what gems we find.

We Primarily Serve The Following Industries

  • Mining
  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas

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Our Headquarters

Our global headquarters is in the Highlands District in sunny Denver, Colorado, USA. Our team of heavy equipment operators and training specialists are based throughout the world. Contact Us

“Know Thyself”

Here’s who we are, and equally important, who we are not.

We Are Training Rockstars

The life of a Training Rockstar is hard. As if the barrage of undergarments and unsolicited praise weren’t enough, we have to work hard not to get the “celebrity complex” — you know, when you think everyone loves you and wants to be your friend (don’t you?). Want to join the ranks of Training Rockstars? Maybe a Train the Trainer course is in order.

We Are Training Globetrotters

Alright, you got us. We love this big blue and green sphere of ours. So much so that we’ve traveled to handfuls of countries and nearly all continents (you better believe we’re drawing straws for Antarctica when that time comes!). Our awareness and background in many cultures allows us to hit the ground running wherever we wake up.

We Are Training Tailors

It’s true, you won’t find many pre-packaged solutions at Meyvn. Like a good tailor, we start by taking a keen and consultative interest in your business to find the unique opportunities for improvement. Once those areas are identified, we move purposefully to help grow your business. You can trust us to measure twice and cut once.

We Are Not Just Another Suit

You’ve seen this before. Training consultant steps off a plane with Bluetooth in ear and polished Cole Haans on feet, clearly knowing nothing about your business or how you operate. Not us. We’ve actually worked in the industries we represent.

We’re Not Great at PowerPoint®

If you are sadistically hoping to make your team suffer through classic lecture-style training, you best keep looking. Scientists have found that PowerPoint® ability and sleeping through training are directly proportional to each other, so you and your team can thank us later.

We Are Not Medical Doctors

After diagnosing and healing many of your business ailments you may trust us to diagnose your personal medical issues as well. While we’re flattered to earn your trust we will kindly refer you to a local medical professional.

Still Interested?

Blind dates are scary, which is why we wanted to share a little bit about ourselves. If you’re still interested, we’d love to meet you. We promise it won’t be awkward.
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